Arrested on charge of Attempting to Rape

Police have arrested 43 years old Khem Raj Ban of Ainselukharka Rural Municipality-5 on January 6 on charge of attempting to rape 29 years old woman. Police said that the accused had attempted to rape the victim on January 2 and complaint against him was lodged at police office on…

January 7, 2018  
Principal Arrested on charge of operating anti-election activities

Police have arrested principal Shekhar Pokhrel of Ratna Rajya Laxmi Basic School in Lamidada Rural Municipality-1 on December 4 on charge of involving in anti-election activities. He is affiliated to Netra Bikram Chand led Nepal Communist party according to police.  

December 4, 2017  
One injured in a clash between the cadres of Left alliance and Nepali Congress

There has been a clash reported between the cadres of Nepali Congress and Left alliance on November 24 at Rupakot Majhuwagadhi Municiplaity-1 in Diktel. In a clash left alliance cadre Gopal Acharya was injured and he sustained a deep nose injury. He is undergoing treatment at community hospital in Diktel.…

November 25, 2017  
Vehicle used for election assembly without permission

The candidates in Khotang are found to be using vehicles in their election campaign without taking permission from the district election office. Total of nine parties for state assembly and 10 for House of representative have given their candidacy for the upcoming election and none of the candidates have seek…

November 20, 2017  
Husband arrested on charge of killing wife

Raj Kumar Rai,46 has attacked his 42 years old wife Raj Maya Rai of Rupakot Majhuwagadhi Municipality-6 with Khukuri and killed her on November 19. He attacked his wife in a domestic dispute and she died on spot according to the locals. Raj Kumar was absconded immediately after the incident…

November 19, 2017  
Election Materials Transported in Khotang

The preparation for the upcoming HoR and State assembly election is expediting nationwide. Meanwhile, on November 9, an army chopper has transported the election materials in Khotang. The materials includes, ballot papers, ballot boxes, voter’s education materials, stamp pad, ink and other election related materials. The District election officer Dinesh…

November 9, 2017  
Candidate Accused of Violating Election Code of Conduct

Maoist center proportionate candidate for state assembly on constituency number 1 of Khotang District, Nawal Khadka, also a film star, has been accused of violating election code of conduct. He was accused of involving in election dissemination and giving speech luring locals of showing movie “Bhim Datta” written by himself.…

November 9, 2017  
Distribution of Zinc Plate Against Election Code of Conduct

Mayor Dep Narayan Rijal of Rupakot Majhuwagadhi Municipality has operated roof distribution (zinc plates) program to poor people targeting the upcoming HoR and state assembly election in November 26. Rijal distributed the roof while addressing election program of CPN UML on November 3 in Rupakot Majhuwagadhi Municipality-8. The distribution of…

November 5, 2017  
Twenty Eight Polling Stations Categorized as too sensitive

In Khotang,28 polling stations are tagged as too sensitive in security point of view according to CDO Eek Dev Adhikari. Out of 136 polling stations and 175 polling centers, 28 are tagged as too sensitive,54 as sensitive and other 54 as normal. The security has been tightened based on previous…

October 25, 2017  
Rape Accused Arrested

Police have arrested 24 years old Kul Bahadur Katwal alias Bidur of Triyuga Municipality-9 on October 16 on charge of taking hostage and raping 14 years old girl. The victim’s mother had lodged a complaint against the accused charging him of taking girl in hostage and raping her luring of…

October 16, 2017