Nine Years old girl Raped, Accused at large

Police have said that 19 years old Suresh B.K of Triveni Rural Municipality-8, Peugha is at large after raping nine years old girl on November 9. A complaint against the accused is lodged at police and search for him has been intensified according to DSP Sumit Khadka of District Police…

November 11, 2018  
Police stops child marriage

Police have stopped and voided the child marriage at Sanibheri Rural Municipality in Rukum west on November 1. The child marriage was stopped as it was illegal. Police have confirmed that they have voided the marriage of 17 years old boy from Sanibheri Rural Municipality-8 and 18 years old girl…

November 1, 2018  
Inmates and detainees in crisis due to overcrowded prison

The inmates and detainees at district prison of Rukum are facing difficulties after the prison is four times over crowded than its capacity. The prison building has a capacity to accommodate only 25 prisoners however there are 98 of them according to jailer Lok Bahadur Gharti. According to him, there…

October 22, 2018  
Arrested on charge of sexual abuse

Police have arrested 19 years old Keshav Basnet of Chaurjahari Municipality-2 on September 9 on charge of sexual abuse on 13 years old girl. The victim’s party on September 7 had lodged complaint against the accused at Area Police Office of Chaurjahari on charge of showing fake pistol and raping…

September 10, 2018  
Police arrested two boys on charge of rape

Police have arrested two boys of ages 16 and 17 on August 5 on charge of rape on 20 years old woman. The victim's party had lodged complaint at Area Police Office of Rukum West and DPO on August 3 on charge of rape on woman on the night of…

August 5, 2018  
Arrested on charge of Child Marriage

Police have arrested 29 years old Dinesh Rasaili if Banphikot Rural Municipality-2 on July 4 on charge of marrying 15 years old girl. The accused was arrested after the complaint was lodged by the victim’s party at District Police Office of Rukum west according to Inspector Pramod Khatri of DPO.

July 4, 2018  
Arrested on charge of Rape

Police have arrested 18 years old Dhan Singh Banthamagar and 18 years old Bishal KC of Sanibheri Rural Municipality-5 on charge of raping 17 years old girl. The victim’s party had lodged complaint at District Police Office on May 30 against the accused for rape on her. Inspector Rishi Dhungana…

June 1, 2018