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Tuesday , 19th March 2019

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What are the planning of newly elected representative on ending women violence and empowering women ?
Publish Date :August 28, 2017  

Radio, Television, newspapers and tabloids have been publishing news of women violence prevailing in the society in almost daily basis. The data shows that there has been increase ....

Complete Ensure of Security
Publish Date :July 13, 2016  

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission(TRC) and Commission on Investigation of Enforced Disappeared People(CIED) which was supposed to be formed within six months after the Compre....

“Citizenship is a Fight for Women’s Independent Existence”
Publish Date :September 17, 2015  

With the ongoing discussions concerning citizenship provisions in the draft constitution, Ramesh Prasad Timalsina collected views of leaders of political parties and women rights a....

Constitutional Guarantee of Right to Food and its Enforcement is Necessary
Publish Date :March 20, 2015  

Various issues of rights and freedom have been discussed within the jurisdiction of human rights. United Nation has adopted various treaties to ensure Civil and Political Rights, E....

Comment on HRC Hearing and NGOs’ Participation
Publish Date :August 6, 2014  

The hearing of Nepal’s second periodic review report on ICCPR 1966 has been held in Geneva, Switzerland in a 110th meeting of United Nations Human Rights Committee from March 17 ....

No Amnesty on Enforced Disappearances
Publish Date :November 17, 2013  

INSEC has been standing alongside the victims in their fight for justice & will continue to do so. Through various non-violent measures in this course. Activist & opinion b....

We Want Justice
Publish Date :February 9, 2013  

Conflict victims and their families are still hopeful that they will be ensured justice. They have understood the provisions of the transitional justice mechanism included in the C....

INSEC has contributed a lot to the democratic movement in Nepal.
Publish Date :September 28, 2012  

INSEC has been working in collaboration with many like-minded organizations including government bodies and political parties for human rights. In the course of working for people,....