Stress given on making citizens more productive

  September 12, 2018

Participants in the program organized in Nepalgunj have stressed that the citizen must be made more productive. INSEC administrative manager Prem Parajuli while speaking at the program under the Educating Local People (ELP) gave stress and said that local level must make the citizens more productive. He expressed his view while in a monitoring of ELP program operating in the district.

He added that by utilizing the resources and manpower of local level, citizens must be engaged in productivity and only the citizens will feel the change. He also said that the issues in health, education and food rights must be solved by the local level.

Speaking at the program ward chairman Rup Bahadur Malla of Baijanath Rural Municipality-1 said that citizens must be educated with the provision described by the constitution. He added that people are having negative image of the government as their understanding on tax is different.

INSEC province 5 coordinator Bhola Mahat said that the feedback from the local level on the  program operated by INSEC will be important for future.

Chairperson Chitra Prasad Sharma of Human Rights Watch Group said that the project operated by INSEC has made them easy to work and added that there has been some changes in education and health sector in some of the ward. He said that establishment of birthing centre is one of the achievement of the watch group.

meanwhile, administrative chief Prem parajuli conducted a discussion program with INSEC staffs from province 5 and said that he will be going to Surkhet for the monitoring purpose on September 12.

INSEC provincial office of Nepalgunj