Public Hearing Held in Lalitpur

  July 1, 2019

Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) and Human Rights Networking of Lalitpur have organized a public hearing at Mahankal Rural Municipality-5, Chandanpur regarding the post-quake situation of the district. The program was organized in June 29.

Speaking at the program, chairperson Ram Chandra Dahal of Mahankal Rural Municipality said that it is sad to hear the complaint of quake victims still now.

He added that there are still some houses which needs compulsory disposal as they are in a dilapidated condition due to the earthquake. He drew the attention of reconstruction authority that many of the victims did not get the second instalment of the relief fund.

Out of 2176 beneficiaries of the Rural Municipality, 568 complaints still needs to be addressed. Ward chair Khom Prasad Dahal of Mahankal Rural Municipality-5, Chandanpur said that 243 beneficiaries selected from the Rural Municipality and only the complaint of 16 were addressed and 66 are still waiting for relief.

He said that 111 houases were reconstructed and remaining are still to be constructed which is a serious concern for the local representatives.

Engineer Abinash Amar of the Reconstruction Authority said that in this Rural Municipality 48.6% beneficiaries have already received third installment of relief for building the houses.

He added that only 37% progress is made in ward 5 and complained that majority of houses were just left after doing DPC only. He also said that those beneficiaries who contracted for first installment and did not take the installment till the end of this financial year will be omitted from the beneficiaries list.


Deepak Prasad Ghimire