Pre-review Session for Nepal Human Rights Year Book 2021 Completed

The pre-review program of the publication of Nepal Human Rights Year Book-2021 has been completed in Nawalparasi (East of Bardaghat Susta) on December 21.


INSEC District Representative Tirtha Raj Dumre presented a report on the incidents of human rights violations and abuses collected in Nawalparasi (east of Bardaghat Susta) from January to December 15, 2020.

Chief Guest and Chief District Officer of Nawalparasi (East of Bardaghat Susta) Manmaya Pangeni thanked INSEC for documenting the incidents of human rights violations and abuses in the district in a period of one year.

He said that the problem created due to COVID-19 and the number of incidents in between were high and those involved in various incidents would be punished.



Stating that the incidents of violence and human rights violations in the villages could not be mainstreamed due to lack of knowledge about the law and judicial process, he informed that a village-centric campaign has been launched in the district to educate children and adolescents about their rights and law.

SP Prakash Malla of the District Police Office, Nawalparasi (East of Bardaghat Susta) suggested to include all the details about the incidents included in the Human Rights Year Book as it means long term.


Giri, a member of the District Juvenile Judicial Committee, said that there was collusion in cases of child sexual abuse and rape in the district and urged all stakeholders to be serious in bringing it into the mainstream.

According to the report submitted by INSEC Representative Dumre, there were three arrests by the state, one by police, one by beating and abuse by non-state actors, two by murder, two by murder, 19 by child rights, 19 by sexual abuse and 20 by school beatings, seven of attempted rape and rape. , 13 incidents related to violence against women and two incidents related to property damage were recorded and 50 incidents were recorded.

Tirtharaj Dumre