Tuesday , 19th March 2019

Tuesday , 19th March 2019

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November 24, 2018

Pre-Review of Human Rights Year Book held in Jumla

Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) has organized the pre-review of human rights year book-2019 in Khalanga of Jumla on November 23.

The pre-review was based on the documentation of human rights violation in 2018. The data of violation was presented by the INSEC district representative Man Datta Rawal.

He said that the objective of pre-review program was to verify the HR violation incidents and including the incidents that were not documented.

From January till November 2018, one incident of violation from non-state party ,four incidents of  threatening and beatings from non-state party, five incidents of destruction of physical infrastructure, one incident of injured in a clash, one polygamy, one killing from family member, eight incidents of attempted rape and sexual abuses according to the district representative.

INSEC is continuously publishing the Human Rights Year Bok from 1992. Speaking at the program, Human Rights Officer Dharma Raj Shahi of NHRC said that this year more incidents of human rights violations were highlighted. He added that the incidents of human rights violation are increasing due to the lack of investigation.

Vice-chairperson of Tila Rural Municipality, Bishnumaya Buda  said that the killing of Radha Krishna has raised question on the protection of human rights as everyone is silent on this issue.

The silence shown from the police administration has created distress among the people. Bali Raj Shahi, a central member of Federal Socialist Forum said  that cast based discrimination is still prevailing in the society.

RPP leader Brijh Suwar said that the weak investigation has created issue on delivering justice to the victim. CDO Bishnu Paudel praised INSEC for its continuous effort on protection and promotion of Human Rights.

Man Datta Rawal

Publish Date :November 24, 2018  

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