Pre-review of Human Rights Year Book

  December 25, 2017

The pre-review of Human Rights Year book has been held in various districts based on the incidents collected regarding human rights violation and atrocities.

According to INSEC district representative of Dailekh, the assistant CDO Hari Prasad Devkota said that the reporting on incidents of human rights violation has helped to raise the awareness in the society.

He expressed his views while speaking at the program organized in Dailekh on December 25 on pre-review of Human Rights Yearbook-2018 organized by INSEC.

While answering the queries of stakeholders, assistant CDO Devkota highlighted the importance of documenting the incidents of human rights violations.

ASI Bishnu Devi Gaire of DPO claimed that the incidents of women violence has decreased in the district especially due to the awareness raising program.

INSEC district representative Amar Sunar had presented the incidents of human rights violations and atrocities collected during the period.

INSEC district representative Ajaya Shah of Mahottari said that pre-review of human rights year book-2018 has been organized in the district on December 26.

During the program, INSEC district representative had presented 304 incidents of human rights violation. Among the presented incidents, there were 276 incidents of women violence.

The participants stressed that the state must show its responsibility to protect the human rights of the people.

Speaking at the program, SO Kuber Kadayat of DPO said that coordination among NGOs and government organization is important for making society without violence. He praised INSEC for publishing Human Rights year book and said that it is an important document not only for the country but globally.

The program was participated by human rights activists, security personnel and representatives from government organizations.

INSEC Baitadi has also organized pre-review of human rights year book-2018 and the participants were concerned on the incidents of increment on rape incident.

According to the INSEC data, in 2017, four girls were raped in a district of which one girl was killed after rape.

According to the INSEC district representative Babu Ram Bastola of Sankhuwasabha, the pre-review of Human Rights Year book was held in the district on December 26.

In the program, Bastola presented the report with the incidents of human rights violation and atrocities over the period.

The report includes the murder of five people along with other incidents of human rights violations.

Similarly, one incident of rape and attempted rape, five incidents of women and domestic violence, nine incidents of beatings and threatening and one incident of child violence. In 2016, there were no incident of murder was reported in the district however, this year five incidents of murder were reported.

Speaking at the program, chief Suman Shakya of District Coordination Committee said that the publication of human rights year book has supported on promoting the human rights of the country.

Assistant CDO Mohan Mani Ghimire stressed that the book must give emphasis on food, shelter and clothing issues of the people. He added that there are more human rights violation incidents by non-state actors rather than state and said that raising awareness is an important issues to minimize the violation. The participants stressed on ESC rights.

According to Ilam District Representative Kokila Dhakal, the pre-review of Human Rights Year Book-2018 was held in the district. The participants of the program stressed that law must be made that can deliver justice to the victims.

Speaking at the program, Chief Ganesh Baral of District Coordination Committee said that it is important to make law that can provide relief to the victims. He stressed that the local level must formulate law as per their need. He said that every year there has been increment in the violence of women and child which is a very serious issue.

CDO Bishnu Prasad Pokhrel said that the incidents included in the year book must be credible.

In the program INSEC district representative Kokila Dhakal presented the report on human rights violation that will be included in the human rights year book-2018.

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