Sunday , 18th November 2018

Sunday , 18th November 2018

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June 25, 2018

Nepal Human Rights Year Book Half Yearly Pre-review held

Half yearly review on Nepal Human Rights Year Book program has been organized in Libang of Rolpa on June 25.

The program was held in chairmanship of INSEC general member Ghanashyam Acharya and INSEC district representative Madhav Kumar Oli had presented the data of collected incidents within six months in the district. The report includes 15 incidents on human rights violations.

The incidents were 9 of domestic violence, 2 of rape, one polygamy, child killing and one each incidents of child marriage.

Speaking at the program, the participants recommended to include the incidents which has been hidden or suppressed in the village.

Publish Date :June 25, 2018  

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