‘INSEC’s Year Book Assists in Law Formation’, Mankumari KC

  December 21, 2020

Federal Member of Parliament Mankumari KC said that INSEC has been publishing the book every year and it has also helped in making laws for the country.


She spoke at the pre-annual review program of the Human Rights Year Book-2021 publication organized by Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) Baglung on December 20.

KC said that INSEC and INSEC’s publications have been very helpful in bringing women, children, persons with disabilities, senior citizens, and victims of discrimination to access and justice.


According to her, the role played by INSEC was important to make the state serious by keeping the records that the state could not keep.

Chief District Officer of Baglung, Suresh Neupane, said that INSEC should play a role in activating the judicial committees at the local level of the district.


Speaking on the occasion, District Secretary of the Communist Party of Nepal, Jyam Nath Gaire Anil, said that incidents of caste discrimination and child marriage were decreasing in the villages and INSEC should not only focus on the police administration but also reach out to the victims immediately.

He said that INSEC should play a role in bringing the victims to justice rather than collecting data.

In the review program, Nepali Congress District President Dipendra Thapa said that the scope of study and monitoring should be increased as it is a field of human rights. He said that even though there were incidents of extreme human rights violations by the state during COVID-19, no one has kept the statistics so far. He added that the government has not been serious about the right to education, health and food in recent times, adding that the biggest human rights violation was from the state.


President of Nepal Children’s Organization Baglung Ram Bahadur GC, Coordinator of Inter-Party Women’s Network Kushum Budha, Central Member of National Cooperative Federation Huma Kumari GC, Central Member of All Nepal Women’s Association Bhima Adhikari, Secretary of Federation of Nepali Journalists Baglung Ram Thapa (Aviral), Deb Bahadur Shrestha of Civil Society, Advocate Laxmi GC Karki and journalist Taranath Acharya Lagaet spoke on the occasion.


In the review program, INSEC collected six incidents of child rights, eight incidents of violence against women, 42 incidents of domestic violence, 42 incidents of domestic violence, one incident of social and cultural rights violation, four incidents of political rights and misbehaviour in Baglung district from January to November 2020 for the Human Rights Year Book 2021. One incident of beating and 66 incidents of beating was discussed.

The program was conducted by INSEC District Representative Sirjana Pant.

Srijana Pant