INSEC provides Computer and education material to school

  April 3, 2018

Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) has handed over a computer and education materials to Gyaneshwor Secondary School in Kavre on March 30 during a program.

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INSEC management chief Prem parajuli said that the motive behind providing the computer, education materials and internet is to upgrade students and quality of education of the school in this scientific era.

INSEC mid-regional coordinator Krishna Gautam said that the computer and internet will support students to connect with the world. Prior to this , INSEC provided practical education materials to the school.

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Principal Kancha Man Tamang of the school praised INSEC for its support and said that the support will make a huge benefit to the student.

He added that internet and computer is a vital part of the education and committed that the education standard of the school will be maintain in coming years with this support.

He said that the support from INSEC in past have helped students in their science subject and students are more enthusiastic on the subject.

The school which is located in a rural part of the district has 250 students and 60 percent of them are girl students.

INSEC has been providing support to Bidhya Mandir Secondary School of Kathmandu, Udaya Kharka Secondary School of Lalitpur and Gyaneshwori Secondary School of Kavre since three years in support from the students in Helsinki of Finland in coordination with Finish International Organization (KIOS).

INSEC Office, Kathmandu