Incident of women violence increased in Salyan

  June 21, 2018

The incident of women violence has increased in Salyan district. Among the documented incidents of human rights violations, 80% are women violence.

The data of violence was made public by Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) on June 21 during the program. The collected incidents were of six months.

According to INSEC, within this six month out of 20incidents on human rights violation and atrocities, 16 are related to women violence. Among these, seven were related to rape followed by 4 polygamy, two killings and two domestic violence.

INSEC district representative Meena Budathoki presented the data of human rights violation covering the period of six months which includes 1 incident of right to education, 1 health rights, 1 arrest and 1 beatings.

During the review program, the speakers stressed on necessity of service and facilities provided by the local level. Speaking at the program, CDO Paramananda Ghimire said that local level needs to do more work for proper justice delivery.

Vice-mayor Sabitra Basnet of Sharada Municipality and coordinator of judicial committee said that the justice provided by the local level must be without any bias.

The program was participated by media personnel, vice mayor and security personnel.

Meena Budathoki