Earthquake victims facing difficulties due to apathy on construction

  September 23, 2018

The public hearing program was held by INSEC in Dolakha on September 21. During the program the participants complained that the construction of private houses is delayed and became more expensive due to the local government being apathetic on repairing the road.

The public hearing was held in Bhimeshwor Municipality-6 and majority of the victims said that the local government is not using the local resources and have failed to determine the market price resulting the price hike for the victims while constructing houses.

Local Ganesh Bahadur Karki of Bhimeshwor Municipality-6 said that because of bad road condition and apathy shown by the local government, he had to pay almost triple price to transport the construction materials.

In the program some of the victims complained that their names are missed from the beneficiaries list and complained that no action was taken even though the form was filled for three times complaining that their name are not in the list.

According to the ward chair Nabin lama of Bhimeshwor Municipality-6, the missed name will be included soon and added that the ward office is ready to address any issues of the earthquake victims.

Uddhav Pokhrel