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September 7, 2017

District Level project Advisory Committee Meeting Held

A District Level Project Advisory Committee held in Ilam on September 7. Program coordinator Bagmati Kattel of INSEC regional office of Biratnagar informed about the project.

The program was chaired by District Coordination Committee chairperson Ganesh Baral. During the program the participants were informed about the INSEC project operating in Godak and Panchakanya in Ilam district along with the documentation of human rights violation incident for Year book.

Speaking at the program chairperson Ganesh Baral praised about the INSEC project and Human Rights Year Book. He stressed that NGOs must work without any vested interest to get the targeted result. He added that the contribution of NGOs in society is always important.

Kokila Dhakal

Publish Date :September 7, 2017  

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