Coordination among Civil Society and media is essential for development

  April 24, 2018

An interaction program on coordination between the civil society and media has been held in Nuwakot on April 23. The program was organized by INSEC and the speakers of the program highlighted the importance of coordination between the Civil Federation Organization and media for the development.

The development will accelerate only when the civil society and media works together in coordination making the social activities more transparent according to the participants.

District chairperson Min Kumar KC of NGO federation said that role of civil society and media is essential to make development effective and sustainable.

District chairperson Babu Ram Lamichhane of Nepal Civil Society said that the government body must take the issues raised by the civil socity and media in a serious manner. He added that media and civil society have their own issue however a coordination between them is essential.

Speaking at the program, Chairperson Kapil Khanal of FNJ said that coordination among civil society and media can make both parties responsible.

Sharmila Thapa Magar , chairperson of Women Human Rights Defenders Network said that the civil society and media must raise more issues on violence against women.