Civil Society Prepared To Work with the Government for the Prevention and Control of Corona

  June 22, 2020

In the virtual meeting held at Dhading on 21 June 2020 by NGO Federation and INSEC, a participant of the meeting informed that the leaders of the civil organizations said there is need of coordination between civil society and government for the prevention and control of corona virus (COVID-19).

Gokarna Rupakheti, member of the NGO Federation said the civil society and local level should move forward with partnership among each other.

Salik Ram Duwadi, secretary of NGO Federation said, the government should coordinate in increasing the involvement of civil organizations and private sector, they should work in partnership for those who are deprived of basic rights during the lockdown, market should be monitored, plans related to agriculture and productivity should be introduced.

Sita Ram Adhikari

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