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June 6, 2018

Budget Allocated for Agriculture and Ranching development office in an INSEC initiation

Budget for agriculture and animal husbandry has been allocated and process of distributing rice seed, manure and vegetables seed to the farmers has been started in an initiation of INSEC and Human rights watch group. Prior to this, the budget of animal husbandry and agriculture was used for development   by the decision from first city assembly of Buddhabhumi Municipality.

The debate and public hearing was organized by INSEC three months ago where majority of the participants raised the issue of not having budget for agriculture and ranching resulting the lack of services. At that time, the city assembly had showed their commitment to allocate budget in this area.

The second city assembly held on February 11 had allocated 2.5 million budget for ranching and agriculture office and on June 3, the agriculture department has started to distribute seeds, manure and vegetables seed.

The ranching branch has also started to purchase and distribute grass seeds and necessary vaccine and medicine. The issues raised by INSEC and Human Rights Watch group has been addressed and implemented by the municipality.


Nanda Ram Paudel

Publish Date :June 6, 2018  

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