Wednesday , 23rd January 2019

Wednesday , 23rd January 2019

Recent Activities

Voter’s education in Dalit Village

Local youth Uttam Panthi said that Dalit Community is always influenced by the various political parties. “ During election, many voters from this community enters into party”, Panthi said. He added that political parties are taking the advantages of  lack of awareness and poverty of this community. The Dalit leader met with....

Post Update :April 25, 2017,  
Discussion Program on Pre-election Human Rights situation

The Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) has operated discussion program on pre-election human rights situation of the district  on April 22. The program was organized by INSEC regional office of Dhangadhi and it was led by INSEC Far-western regional coordinator Khadga Raj Joshi. During the....

Post Update :April 23, 2017,  
Journos of Okhaldhunga Committed to follow Election  Code of Conduct

The journalists of Okhaldhunga have shown their commitment to follow the election code of conduct. The journalists have shown their commitment in an interaction program organized by the FNJ Okhaldhunga on April 22 in an initiation of INSEC. The understanding between the operators of various media and Journalist has been reached to an agreement of following the election code of conduct according....

Post Update :April 23, 2017,  
INSEC organized discussion regarding the pre-election situation

The Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) has monitored the pre-election situation of Kalikot, Jumla and Mugu district. A team led by INSEC executive director Bijaya Raj Gautam, general secretary Krishna Murari Bhatta, regional coordinator Bhola Mahat and documentation officer Narayan Subedi had monitored the pre-election human ....

Post Update :April 18, 2017,  
Deprived of rights due to the constitution not being implemented

The participants in a program on “debate on district level human rights” organized by INSEC on April 10 said that civilians are deprived of basic human rights due to the constitution not being implemented. The participants in the program organized by INSEC in Gaighat to make locals aware and making concerned bodies accountabl....

Post Update :April 11, 2017,  
Attention drawn not to use children in an election

The civil society organizations of the district have drawn the attention of various concerned bodies and urged not to use children during the election or election related activities. While handing over the memorandum to the CDO, they drew the attention of all concerned authority and political parties not to use children for elect....

Post Update :April 11, 2017,  
District level debate/ dialogue meeting completed

District-level human rights monitoring group formed under the program of ELP program operated by Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) organized a district-level debate/dialogue meeting on April 5, 2017 The program conducted in Malarani and Sahare VDC constituted human rights monitoring grou....

Post Update :April 6, 2017,  
Interaction with the stakeholders for drug control

INSEC regional office, Dhangadhi in coordination with Peace Youth Group jointly organized an interaction program ‘Role of Stakeholders for young drug users and drug control’ at Belauri stakeholders has been concluded on April 5. Area Police Inspector Krishna Nanda Bhatta of Belauri at the....

Post Update :April 6, 2017,  
Watch Committee demands for the drinking water management in hospital

The Human Rights Watch Committee formed under the initiation of INSEC Palpa has demanded for the immediate management of clean drinking water in the district hospital as patients are being affected due to the lack of drinking water. The committee has drawn the attention of District Health Office and Hospital Development Committee on Macrh 26. ....

Post Update :March 26, 2017,  
Discussion with stakeholders in context of upcoming Local Election

The Human Rights Watch Group of Tanahu has organized a discussion program with concerned authority in context of preparation of upcoming local level election on May 14. In discussion program, Chief District Officer and officials from District Election Commission had participation. The team led by coordinator Ram Leela Subarnakar ....

Post Update :March 26, 2017,