Wednesday , 23rd January 2019

Wednesday , 23rd January 2019

Recent Activities

Meeting of Project Advisor Committee Held

Meeting of project advisor committee has been held in Inaruwa on October 9 organized by INSEC regional office of Biratnagar. During the meeting, discussion on achievement on two projects operated by INSEC in Inaruwa Municipality-7 and Gadhi rural municipality-2 were discussed.  While speaking....

Post Update :October 11, 2017,  
Elected Representatives in confusion due to lack of policies, regulation and direction

The newly elected people’s representatives have complained that they are in confusion because of not getting necessary policy regulations and direction. The participating local level representative while speaking at the interaction program organized by INSEC on the challenges and opportunities of local level said that due to th....

Post Update :September 8, 2017,  
District Level Project Advisory Committee Meeting Held

A district level meeting of project advisory committee under the program on making responsible body accountable on education, health and food rights has been held in Gaighat on September 7. The meeting was organized by INSEC Udayapur regarding the condition of project operating in the district. INSEC regional coordinator Som Raj Thapa and Documentation Officer Dev Raj Pokhrel has informed about....

Post Update :September 7, 2017,  
District Level project Advisory Committee Meeting Held

A District Level Project Advisory Committee held in Ilam on September 7. Program coordinator Bagmati Kattel of INSEC regional office of Biratnagar informed about the project. The program was chaired by District Coordination Committee chairperson Ganesh Baral. During the program the participants were informed about the INSEC proje....

Post Update :September 7, 2017,  
District Level Watch Group Re- Formed

The Human Rights Watch group has been reformed in the district in coordination of advocate Punam Singh during the assembly held in Kanchanpur on August 28. The members of the re-formed group includes chairperson Bhagirath Joshi of Bar Association, Bhuwan Kunwar of COCAP, chairperson Bharati Singh of Women rights defender network,....

Post Update :August 29, 2017,  
Discussion held on Good governance of Social Organizations

The Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) , Ramechhap has organized a discussion program on internal governance of social organizations and their issues on August 28. Ramechhap district Bar Chairman Pandav Prasai had presented the concept note of social organization regarding their legal provision and issues needed to be improve....

Post Update :August 29, 2017,  
Social Organization must give stress on internal governance

The stakeholders while speaking at the interaction program in Nuwakot said that the NGOs must give stress on their internal governance and transparency. Speaking at the program organized by INSEC on August 27 in Bidur under its project on strengthening NGOs, the speakers stressed that NGOs must focus on transparency, regular meet....

Post Update :August 27, 2017,  
Interaction Program on good governance of civil society and internal governance

The stakeholders in one program stressed that local government must move ahead positively on strengthening civil society. The stakeholders expressed their views while speaking at interaction program organized by INSEC under the project of strengthening Nepal’s civil society and good governance of civil society in Bhaktapur. Whi....

Post Update :August 27, 2017,  
Stress given on transparency of civil society

Chairperson Krishna Prasad Sapkota of Nepal bar Association said that the role of civil society must be made transparent especially after the bad image of some NGOs after the earthquake. He expressed his view during the interaction program on governance of civil society and internal governance held in Kavre on August 27. He added....

Post Update :August 27, 2017,  
District Level Debate Program concludes

A district level debate program operated by INSEC under the right to education in Siraha has been concluded on July 9. The program operated for the state’s policy for the transformation and improvement of education sector is a program between service provider and beneficiaries. District Educ....

Post Update :July 10, 2017,