Wednesday , 23rd January 2019

Wednesday , 23rd January 2019

Recent Activities

Coordination among Civil Society and media is essential for development

An interaction program on coordination between the civil society and media has been held in Nuwakot on April 23. The program was organized by INSEC and the speakers of the program highlighted the importance of coordination between the Civil Federation Organization and media for the development. The development will accelerate onl....

Post Update :April 24, 2018,  
INSEC provides Computer and education material to school

Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) has handed over a computer and education materials to Gyaneshwor Secondary School in Kavre on March 30 during a program. ....

Post Update :April 3, 2018,  
Earthquake victims complaints of not getting installment due to the slow process from government

INSEC organized a public hearing program at Jugal Rural Municipality-1 in  Sindhupalchk on March 22 . Most of the victims complained that they could not get the second installment of fund due to the slow process from the government. Speaking at the program, Eek Bahadur Silmal of Jugal Rural Municipality-1 said that he could not ....

Post Update :March 22, 2018,  
Earthquake victims facing difficulties due to the government hectic bureaucratic process and policies

The earthquake victims said that they are facing difficulties on getting compensation due to the long beurocratic process and policies enforced by the government. He further urged government to make the process smooth and easy. The victims put their difficulties in the public hearing program organized by  INSEC at ward number 17....

Post Update :March 22, 2018,  
Interaction held between service provider and beneficiaries

An interaction program has been held in Nepalgunj of Banke on December 31 between the service provider and beneficiaries organized by INSEC Nepalgunj.  Speaking at the program regional director Murari Kharel of NHRC said that priority on health, food and education rights must be given as they are the fundamental human rights of ....

Post Update :January 1, 2018,  
Annual pre-review and discussion on Human Rights Issues

Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) has organized pre-review of Human Rights Year Book in Rajbiraj of Saptari on December 31. In the program, the situation of Human Rights of the district were discussed and presentation of incidents on human rights violation within the six month was presented. ....

Post Update :December 31, 2017,  
Interaction program held on coordination between civil society and Media

An interaction program was held in Manthali of Ramechhap on December 26 on the issue regarding the coordination between the civil society and media for the development. The program was organized under the project of FHI-360 with the financial support from INSEC and USAID. Speaking at the progr....

Post Update :December 26, 2017,  
Pre-review of Human Rights Year Book

The pre-review of Human Rights Year book has been held in various districts based on the incidents collected regarding human rights violation and atrocities. According to INSEC district representative of Dailekh, the assistant CDO Hari Prasad Devkota said that the reporting on incidents of human rights violation has helped to rai....

Post Update :December 25, 2017,  
Earthquake Victims Demands grant for the house that they have built

The earthquake victims of Tripura Sundaru Rural Municipality-1 in northern Dhading have demanded to provide grant for the house that they have built themselves. They demanded for the grant while speaking at Public hearing program held by INSEC on December 20. They urged rural municipality to follow the necessary process to provid....

Post Update :December 21, 2017,  
Human Rights Year Book pre-review held in various districts

The pre-review of Human Rights Year Book 2018 has been held in related districts according to the INSEC district representatives. The pre-review was held on December 16 with the objective of making the documentation more credible. According to the Salyan District Representative Meena Budathoki, the pre-review of the book has been held in the district. Speaking at the program justice Madan Bahad....

Post Update :December 17, 2017,