Wednesday , 23rd January 2019

Wednesday , 23rd January 2019

Recent Activities

Capacity Building training for local representatives and Watch group held

The training for capacity building of local representative and watch group is started in Lalgadh from September 24. The training is operated by INSEC. The training will be held for two days under the project “ making stakeholders accountable by increasing awareness of the local community” operated by INSEC in ward 3,4 and 5 o....

Post Update :September 24, 2018,  
Earthquake victims facing difficulties due to apathy on construction

The public hearing program was held by INSEC in Dolakha on September 21. During the program the participants complained that the construction of private houses is delayed and became more expensive due to the local government being apathetic on repairing the road. The public hearing was held in Bhimeshwor Municipality-6 and majori....

Post Update :September 23, 2018,  
Stress given on making citizens more productive

Participants in the program organized in Nepalgunj have stressed that the citizen must be made more productive. INSEC administrative manager Prem Parajuli while speaking at the program under the Educating Local People (ELP) gave stress and said that local level must make the citizens more productive. He expressed his view while in a monitoring of ELP program operati....

Post Update :September 12, 2018,  
Capacity Building Training begins for Child Rights Awareness Group (CRAG)

A capacity building training for the members of Child Rights Awareness Group has begun in Tanahu. The training is organized by the INSEC Gandaki Province Office on September 2. Under the INSEC project, the program was held in Myagde Rural Municipality for the members of Child Rights Awareness Group according to the INSEC Gandaki ....

Post Update :September 2, 2018,  
Advocacy for backward community is necessary

The chairperson Nagendra Bahadur Malla of Dungeswor Rural Municipality said that advocacy is necessary to the backward community for the protection of Human Rights. He expressed his views during the inauguration of capacity building facilitation program for newly elected ward members of ward 6, human rights watch group members.....

Post Update :August 31, 2018,  
Inter-dialogue between local level and local representative held

The participants in the program held in lalitpur district have stressed on regular inter-dialogue between the representatives of local level and Civil Society. The inter-dialogue program between local representatives and civil society organization was organized by INSEC province 3 office on August 20.....

Post Update :August 21, 2018,  
Capacity Building training to Local representatives and members of Watch Committee

Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) has provided two days capacity building training to the local representatives and members of Human Rights Watch committee of Jahada Rural Municipality on August 21. The capacity building training on ESC rights were provided to the participants of Jahada Rural Municipality-1 ward 2 and 3 wher....

Post Update :August 21, 2018,  
Training held on good governance and leadership development in Local Level

Two days training on good governance and leadership development in local level has been held in Kailali of Dhangadhi on August 18 in support from DCA and INSEC. Speaking at the program, INSEC coordinator for province 7, Khadga Raj Joshi said that it is necessary to develop effective leadership  and good governance in Local level....

Post Update :August 18, 2018,  
Half Yearly Review of Human Rights Year Book

Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) has organized half yearly review of Human Rights Year Book in various district. According to the INSEC district representative Santosh Ruchal, half yearly review of Human Rights Year Book has been organized in Kushma of Parbat on June 25. While speaking at the program, CDO Guru Datta Dhakal ....

Post Update :June 25, 2018,  
Nepal Human Rights Year Book Half Yearly Pre-review held

Half yearly review on Nepal Human Rights Year Book program has been organized in Libang of Rolpa on June 25. The program was held in chairmanship of INSEC general member Ghanashyam Acharya and INSEC district representative Madhav Kumar Oli had presented the data of collected incidents within six months in the district. The report....

Post Update :June 25, 2018,