Wednesday , 23rd January 2019

Wednesday , 23rd January 2019

Recent Activities

District Level Interaction Held

An interaction program between service provider and receiver has been held on July 3. The program was organised by the INSEC regional office of Biratnagar.   The officials from Human Rights watch group had put their queries on service provided by service providing bodies of the district where initiative programs are being operated in VDCs like Dharampur, Lakhanpur and Topgachhi in order....

Post Update :July 21, 2016,  
Public Hearing Held on Situation of Earthquake victims

A public hearing program under “Responsibility promotion program for Human Rights friendly environment” operated by INSEC was held in Dev Bhumi Baluwa on June 29.   Speaking at the program executive officer Basudev Bhetwal of Panchkhal Municipality said that the process of including name of victims that has been missed is in process. He further said that the municipality is always r....

Post Update :July 21, 2016,  
Half Yearly Preview Held

A half yearly preview program on human rights violation incident was held in Morang district. In six months period there were total of 51 incidents of Human Rights violation documented in the district.   INSEC district representative Indira Bhattarai had presented the incidents on Human Rights Violation during the program held in Biratnagar on June 30.   According to her a ma....

Post Update :July 21, 2016,  
Yearly Preview of Program held

INSEC western regional office has reviewed a yearly program organised by INSEC on July 14.   The program was organised by INSEC western regional office. In a program, the local facilitators from Kaski, Parbat and Tanahu districts, , presented and shared about their learning, experiences and the affect of the ELP program organised by INSEC in local level to make concerned stakeholders mo....

Post Update :July 14, 2016,  
Building Social awareness can Procure Human Rights: Regional administrator

The regional administrator of Doti said that the Human Rights can be guaranteed only by building awareness in society as there are different people with different understandings in society.   He expressed his view while speaking at the interaction program on education, health and food rights organised by INSEC regional office of Dhangadhi in Dipayal on July 6. In the program, the ser....

Post Update :July 6, 2016,  
Interaction between Agriculture Office and Watch Group

An interaction program was held in Damauli on July 3 regarding the services provided by the agricultural office. The program was organised by INSEC Tanahu and Human Rights watch group, Tanahu. On the program, senior District Agriculture Officer Chet Nath Adhikari highlighted about the service provided by the office. Speaking at the program, Adhikari said that in Tanahu 80 percent of people have....

Post Update :July 3, 2016,