Wednesday , 23rd January 2019

Wednesday , 23rd January 2019

Recent Activities

Earthquake Victims said –“ We did not even see Technicians Face”

Most of the earthquake victims participated in a public hearing program said that they did not even saw the face of technicians. The public hearing program was organized by INSEC in Kalika High School at Sundrawati VDC ON November 14. ....

Post Update :November 15, 2016,  
Public Hearing Held On Condition of Earthquake Victims

A public hearing program on Responsible promotion for Human Rights Friendly Environment operated by INSEC has been held at Koshidekha VDC of Kavre on August 31. In the program, earthquake victims had shared about the reconstruction and post-quake condition. Speaking at the program, program of....

Post Update :September 1, 2016,  
Earthquake Victims Complained of Not Getting Grant Agreement

Earthquake victims at Chainpur VDC of Dhading complained of not getting grant agreement despite of having their names in beneficiary list. The victims expressed their problems while speaking at the public hearing prog....

Post Update :August 31, 2016,  
Give Us Secured Shelter, Do not Need Grant: Earthquake Victims

Earthquake victims demanded the government to provide them secured shelter despite of grant amount as they are living in a pathetic situation. The victims demanded for secured shelter while speaking at the public hearing program organized in a coordination of INSEC with Human Rights Network K....

Post Update :August 31, 2016,  
Earthquake Victims Demanded for Grant increment To Make House

The earthquake victims have demanded the government to increase the grant amount to make house. They demanded the increment while speaking at the public hearing program on "Condition of earthquake victims and Re construction" organized by INSEC on August 29 at Raluka Secondary School in Nuwakot Raluka Devi-1. ....

Post Update :August 30, 2016,  
Earthquake Victims To get First Instalment on First week of September

Makwanpur/ August 29 The Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) has organised a public hearing program on conditions of earthquake victims and reconstruction at Hetauda of Makwanpur on August 29. Speaking at the program, planning officer Kisan Neupane of M....

Post Update :August 29, 2016,  
Public Hearing Program held In Chautara

Sindhupalchok/ August 29 A public hearing program on post-quake Reconstruction was held in district headquarter Chautara on August 29 organised by INSEC Sindhupalchok. The victims complained and accused NGO’s and INGOs of working with vested interest des....

Post Update :August 29, 2016,  
State Accused for Cheating Earthquake Victims

Ramechhap/ August 25 The locals of Bhatauli of Ramechhap said that state have cheated earthquake victims in the name of relief. The participants had expressed their views while speaking at public hearing program organi....

Post Update :August 25, 2016,  
Earthquake Victims Complained Of Not Getting Relief Yet

Sindhuli/ August 23 A victim in a program complained that the families of those who lost their life in a devastating earthquake last year did not get any relief yet. They complained about not getting any relief in a pu....

Post Update :August 24, 2016,  
Earthquake Victim Accuses on Being Bias while Distributing Beneficiries ID Cards

The earthquake victims complained that due to the negligence and biasness of data department, names of real earthquake victims were missed. They further said that they will not agree for grant until all names of victims are not included. The victims expressed their views while speaking at the....

Post Update :August 18, 2016,