Wednesday , 23rd January 2019

Wednesday , 23rd January 2019

Recent Activities

Earthquake Victims complained about the house model

The locals of Takumajh Lakuribot of Gorkha said that they cannot build the house as per the model determined by the National Reconstruction Authority. The earthquake victims said that the model given by NRA is not useful for their life. They complained about the model while speaking at public hearing program organized by Human Rights coalition on March 25. ....

Post Update :March 26, 2017,  
Bring forward a positive thought: Stakeholders

The participants in the program stressed on moving forward with positive thought in order to correct the image of civil society. The program organized by INSEC in Bhaktapur on March 11 on “positive image of civil society and mutual accountability”, the participants expressed their views. S....

Post Update :March 24, 2017,  
Public Hearing on Earthquake victim re-instatement and situation

The Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) Makwanpur has organized a public hearing program in Hetauda on March 15 regarding the re-in statement process and situation of the victims. Speaking at the program, planning officer Kisan Neupane of district coordination committee said that the earthquake victims could not get the second installment of the grant amount. He added that 53 names of the vi....

Post Update :March 15, 2017,  
INSEC Completes Public Hearing Program

Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC), Sindhupalchok completed public hearing program on March 10 at Chautara municipality. ....

Post Update :March 10, 2017,  
Landline Phone Connected on the Initiation of Monitoring Group

The prison of the Palpa district has connected landline phone on the initiation of District level Human rights monitoring group under the ELP program of Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC). Monitoring Group on February 19 forwarded letter to the Chief District Officer Baburam Gautam drawin....

Post Update :March 9, 2017,  
Public hearing program completed

Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) on March 7 completed a public hearing program on ‘Situation of earthquake victims and reconstruction’ at Lalitpur, Mahalaxmi Municipality based Lamatar in co-ordination with District Development Committee, Lalitpur. Participants had complaints regard....

Post Update :March 8, 2017,  
District level Human Rights Watch Group Formed

With the objective of establishing access of civilian to education, food and health rights, an eleven member district level human rights watch group has been formed with a coordination of assistant secretary Pramod Yadav of FNJ. The group was formed under the project operated by INSEC to aware locals and making the concerned bodies responsible and accountable. The member of the group include....

Post Update :January 7, 2017,  
Human Rights watch group re-formed

Informal Service Sector Center (INSEC) has re-formed District level Human Rights Watch Group under its project on initiating to make responsible stakeholders accountable by making local community aware. ....

Post Update :January 4, 2017,  
Report made public on 1,035 victims in 2016

A discussion program on Human Rights situation and issues of media personnel and Human Rights defenders has been organized by INSEC regional office of Biratnagar on January 3. In the occasion, the incidents on human rights violations and atrocities documented during the year 2016 in eastern region was made public by INSEC documen....

Post Update :January 3, 2017,  
Service provider must be ready for sound service: Justice Pandit

  The District Court justice Prakash Prasad Pandit said that the service provider must show their readiness to make public service more effective and accountable. He expressed his view while speaking at program during the formation of Human Rights Watch Group in the district organized under INSEC ELP project on January 2. He said that such activity will help to practice good governance. ....

Post Update :January 2, 2017,