Wednesday , 22nd February 2017

Wednesday , 22nd February 2017

Recent Activities

District level Human Rights Watch Group Formed

With the objective of establishing access of civilian to education, food and health rights, an eleven member district level human rights watch group has been formed with a coordination of assistant secretary Pramod Yadav of FNJ. The group was formed under the project operated by INSEC to aware locals and making the concerned bodies responsible and accountable. The member of the group include....

Post Update :January 7, 2017,  
Human Rights watch group re-formed

Informal Service Sector Center (INSEC) has re-formed District level Human Rights Watch Group under its project on initiating to make responsible stakeholders accountable by making local community aware. ....

Post Update :January 4, 2017,  
Report made public on 1,035 victims in 2016

A discussion program on Human Rights situation and issues of media personnel and Human Rights defenders has been organized by INSEC regional office of Biratnagar on January 3. In the occasion, the incidents on human rights violations and atrocities documented during the year 2016 in eastern region was made public by INSEC documen....

Post Update :January 3, 2017,  
Service provider must be ready for sound service: Justice Pandit

  The District Court justice Prakash Prasad Pandit said that the service provider must show their readiness to make public service more effective and accountable. He expressed his view while speaking at program during the formation of Human Rights Watch Group in the district organized under INSEC ELP project on January 2. He said that such activity will help to practice good governance. ....

Post Update :January 2, 2017,  
District Level Human Rights Watch Committee Formed

The District level Human Rights Committee has been Reformed in Taulihawa of Kapilbastu on December 26 under the project of making stakeholders accountable by making local community aware. The committee was formed with a chairmanship of Maya Gyawali with 11 members. The committee was formed under the project which will be operated in the district from 2016 till 2019. The aim of the project is to....

Post Update :December 27, 2016,  
District Level Human Rights Watch Group Re-Formed

A district level watch group has been re-formed in Pokhara under the project of making responsible body accountable by spreading awareness among local community. The program organized on December 26 has re- formed 11 member committee in chairmanship of rights activist Durga K.C (Thapa). ....

Post Update :December 27, 2016,  
District Human Rights Monitoring Group formed

District level human rights monitoring group has been formed under (ELP) program to make concerned authorities accountable and responsible local community. The program held on Dang, Ghorahi on the chairmanship of coordinator of Dang human rights network, Keshav Kumar Sharma decided to form th....

Post Update :December 22, 2016,  
Discussion on Human rights situation in Mustang district conducted

The situation of human right in Mustang district has been discussed with the participation of representatives from central and western regional office on December 21. ....

Post Update :December 22, 2016,  
Yearly Pre-review Held

The INSEC district representatives have sent the news of incident collected on Human Rights Violation and atrocities for yearly pre-review of Human Rights Year Book-2017. According to INSEC district representative Rabindra Pandey of Pyuthan, a yearly preview of Human Rights Year Book has been held in the....

Post Update :December 20, 2016,  
Yearly Pre-review of Year Book Held

According to INSEC Jumla District Representative Man Datta Rawal, yearly pre-review of Human Rights Year Book-2017 has been held on December 18 in the district headquarters of Khalanga. A discussion was held with stakeholders on the incidents collected in a year related to human rights violations and atrocities. INSEC District representative Rawal had informed abo....

Post Update :December 18, 2016,