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Democracy is not exogenous for us
Publish Date :April 18, 2006  

Nepal represents old civilization with a known history of thousand of years and having a distinct cultural identity of its own. One must always remember that Nepal is the inheritor of culturally rich civilization rooted to Vedic period. So no political system could be f....

Maoist Insurgency and Theory of Probability
Publish Date :February 7, 2006  

Maoist insurgency is undoubtedly the major issue that has to be resolved before the country can take steps forward in any direction. Nepal has been paid much for this. It is high time both the Maoists and the government should leave the path of violence and negotiate wi....

Journalist as Human Rights Defender
Publish Date :January 26, 2006  

A journalist is a person who practices journalism. He/she is a professional communicator working for the flow of news through mass media such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio, film and the Internet. Journalists find the sources for their reports; the reports ....

Obstruction to the “Global Village”
Publish Date :January 16, 2006  

Since Nepal has been a part of world-society we mustn’t only address the local scenario but at the same time an eye on the whole world. We are in such civilization that the internationalization process has been fastened. We are in global-economy and interdependenc....