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Political commitment and gender equality
Publish Date :July 16, 2009  

The issue of gender equality has been raised strongly following the success of the April movement of 2006. During the period of Panchyat System, the concept women empowerment was limited to the economic and social development. Emphasis was given in political development....

Impact of Armed Conflict in Women
Publish Date :June 10, 2009  

The decade long Maoist insurgency concluded formally with the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in November 2006 and Maoists gained the leading role of the government but the wounds of insurgency are yet to be healed. Women, who were the most affected section....

The Second Shift
Publish Date :June 10, 2009  

The very meaning of work in the home has been changed. In earlier times, a woman’s claim to honour was based primarily on her central position in her home. This notion can be traced in ancient Vedic Hindu dharma-shastras that one of the great blessings to women wa....

Innocent civilians continue to be behind the Maoistís bar in Republic Nepal
Publish Date :August 10, 2008  

At a time when the whole country is celebrating the selection of first Prime Minister and ministers of the federal democratic republic country, many civilians are compelled to wish them from the labour camps operated by the Maoists in remote areas of the country. Eight ....

December 10 and the Human Rights Situation
Publish Date :December 22, 2007  

The country is celebrating the International Human Rights Day (10 December) with much fanfare but the plights of the conflict-hit people are yet to be heard. Despite the hope of the people that the country will move towards peace and stability following the success of t....

Justice in Post-Conflict Reconstruction: The Role Media to Play
Publish Date :May 11, 2007  

Communication has been described as the mechanism through which human relations develop all the symbols of the mind. The Media are “the institutions and forms in which ideas, information and attitudes are transmitted and received.” The media create the space....

Saddam Execution Mockery of Human Rights Standards
Publish Date :January 3, 2007  

Anyone could notice the irony that the US flag was flying at half-mast on the day Saddam was executed! These are not my words. These are the words of millions who live with the virtue of the rights. Probably all of us, but at least not Saddam Hussein after the Iraq uphe....

Violence against Women during Armed Conflict
Publish Date :June 9, 2006  

Violence against women is not accidental. It is a weapon of war, a tool used to achieve military objectives such as ethnic cleansing, spreading political terror, breaking the resistance of a community, intimidation or to extract information. It has been investigated tha....