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Voice of the Voiceless
Publish Date :September 28, 2012  

Nepali people were fully able to enjoy their individual freedoms along with other civil rights following the restoration of democracy in 1990. INSEC contributed institutionally to implement the universally acknowledged basic norms and values of human rights into practic....

TRC in Relation to Community Level Reconciliation
Publish Date :October 18, 2011  

The Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) of Nepal was unable to envisage the future political discourse and its implications. Instead, it was signed as a mere political commitment to hold the election for the Constituent Assembly, declare Nepal a republican state and fed....

No silver lining in their lives
Publish Date :July 7, 2011  

I feel like weeping when I come across street children holding plastic bags filled with dendrite to their lips. Some work as conductors on vehicles while many others wash dishes in hotels to make both ends meet. It is common to see these street urchins beaten up and sex....

Case for healthy parental leave
Publish Date :January 7, 2011  

Being pregnant and having a baby was the most wonderful experience of my life. But the euphoria turned into sadness when I had to leave behind my two-month-old son in the care of my maid and go to work. Though I was unwilling to do that, I was forced to. That is when I ....

Limiting Property: Limiting Prosperity
Publish Date :November 22, 2010  

As the Committee formed by Constituent Assembly with representation of political parties to sort out contentious issues succeeded to resolve few issues, we people became happy seeing light in the tunnel in respect of bridging differences between parties, which eventuall....

Challenges and Complexities of Supervision, Integration and Rehabilitation of the Combatants of the Maoist Army
Publish Date :September 24, 2010  

The purpose of integration and rehabilitation of the combatants is to ensure security and stability ....

Give us Jeevajal before constitution
Publish Date :May 21, 2010  

At a time when the attention of the nation has been drawn to ongoing political stalemate, people in Mid and Far Western Regions that are gripped by diarrhea outbreak are requesting the authorities for packets of life-saving Jeevanjal (oral rehydration solution) before t....

Transitional Justice in Post-Conflict Countries
Publish Date :April 6, 2010  

In general, transitional justice incorporates the issues of promoting justice, ensuring reparation and initiate reconciliation. The process of acknowledging, prosecuting, compensating and forgiving for past crimes after the conflict is commonly described as ....