Youth group of INSEC earns money from ginger production

  January 13, 2019 By: INSEC

The youth group “Bed youth group” formed in an initiation from INSEC has earned Rs 50,000 from the production of ginger.

The Bed youth group formed at Bed secondary school at Baganaskali-9,Barangdi under the ELP project of INSEC has been operating creative campaign in community level. This has made the youth group popular among the community level.

The youth group had rented the land at Bagnaskaali Rural Municipality-8,Neupane Danda and did community ginger farming. The necessary training, manure and ginger seed was provided by the Bagaskaali Rural Municipality.

The group in an initiation from INSEC is doing very creative activities in the community.

Yagyamurti Timisina