Writ petition lodged in Supreme Court against Impeachment motion

  May 3, 2017 By: INSEC

 A writ has been filed at the Supreme Court today against the impeachment proposal registered in the Legislature-Parliament against Chief Justice Sushila Karki, contending that it was against the constitution according to RSS.

The writ petitioners have sought a stay order not allowing any works related to the impeachment to be carried out.
Advocates Kanchan Krishna Neupane and Sunil Ranjan Singh jointly registered the writ in which they have argued that the impeachment proposal against the Chief Justice Karki (currently under suspension) was not in line with the Article 101 (2) of the constitution.
The writ has named the Speaker, the Legislature-Parliament, the Nepali Congress Parliamentary Party Office and the CPN (Maoist Centre) Parliamentary Party Office as the defendants. It states that the Parliament has directly interfered in the Judiciary over a subjudice case related to Deputy Inspector General of Police.
It is stated in the writ petition that registering an impeachment proposal on a topic of the Chief Justice’s prerogative to assign bench in the court was not the parliamentary special right but a direct intervention on the Chief Justice’s prerogative.
The writ has also demanded that the Supreme Court look into the impeachment proposal which has been brought in a situation when the Chief Justice has been carrying out works in an independent and impartial manner, and in a way that it would have long-term impact jeopardizing even the constitutional principle, attaching it priority.


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