Women activists drew Prime Minister’s attention through CDO

  December 22, 2016 By: INSEC

Women right activists have drawn the attention of Prime Minister through Chief District Officer by handing seven-point letter on December 22.

Since, two people died in less than a month which goes against the human rights of the women, the letter stated to save the lives by giving immediate attention and minimizing the malpractices.

It is demanded to formulate strong laws against the Chaupadi practise and initiate programs with adequate resources and intensive management for the awareness.

The attention letter stated about the formulation of long-term high-level committee against Chaupadi practise and to bring the individual under the legal action who forces to live in shed also to boycott him/her as a social policy.

Similarly, the people holding the post of public office and civil servants staff if caught involving in such malpractices are immediately urged to keep under legal action. The women right activists warned to come down to roads with Acahmi women to agitate if their demands are not immediately addressed. 10 women working in the district as rights activists have stressed to work against it.

Acting Chief District Officer Anand Sharma accepting the letter said that the issues have been raised at the right time and the letter will be sent to prime minister as soon as possible.

Timilsen and Gajra VDC of Achham district have already lost two lives in the period of one month.  Statistics shows that nine women lost their lives due to Chaupadi practise since 2007.

Shiva Raj  Dhungana