Woman Dies in Cowshed, Prime Minister Shows his concern

  November 20, 2016 By: INSEC

Setu Devi Upadhyaya, 22 of Timilsen-7 has died during she was kept in a cowshed on November 19. Day before her death, she had her dinner and went to sleep in cowshed and reason behind her death is unknown according to the police.

He body was recovered in the morning and her nose was bleeding according to local Tilak Khatri Timilsina.

The case is under the investigation according to inspector Badri Prasad Dhakal of District Police Office.

Since 2007 till now, at least eight women had lost their lives while sleeping in cowshed during their mensuration period.

Most of the women are still kept in a cowshed in a pathetic situation during their mensuration period and the ill-practice still prevails in this area.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal had shown his concern over the incident. The secretariat of the prime minister has called CDO Kushal Raj Sharma of Achham and showed concern over the incident.

The secretariat has also directed to call the meeting to aware people about this ill-practice according to Prime Minister’s secretary Manohari Timilsina.


Shiva Raj Dhungana