Water shortage in Ilam Prison

  August 29, 2018 By: INSEC

It is reported that there is a shortage in drinking water in the prison of Ilam. Inmates and detainees are facing difficulties in a daily basis after the crunch of drinking water.

Prison Chief Bhakta Bahadur Khadka said that the Ilam Municipality has renovated the old water pipe line however the water supply at the prison has not been managed.

The municipality had committed to supply water for 24 hours to the prison however they have failed to do it according to Khadka. He added that the administration is compelled to buy water tanker in a daily basis.

There is a severe crisis of drinking water for more than 300 inmates ad detainees along with extra 104 staffs.

The daily lives of the prisoners have been affected by the crisis. Prisoners are compelled to collect rain water and if there is no rainfall there will be a water crisis.


Kokila Dhakal