Ward chair accused of threatening the victim of sexual abuse

  March 25, 2019 By: INSEC

The victim’s party have accused ward chairman Dilli Ram Puri of Bhairabi Rural Municipality-6 threatening them by taking side of 49 years old accused Sashi Ram Puri, who is in custody on charge of sexual abuse.

The accused had sexually abused 47 years old woman on March 3 and he was arrested on March 7 based on a complaint lodged by the victim’s family. At first, the ward chairman exerted pressure on victim’s family not to lodge complaint at police. At present the family members are being exerted unnecessary pressure by the chairman according to victim’s family.

While asking about the incident with ward chair, he denied the allegation. Police said that the issue can be investigated if written complaint is lodged at police.

Amar Sunar