Voters obstructed by Democratic alliance cadres, five arrested

  November 26, 2017 By: INSEC

In Health Post polling center at Tamakoshi Rural Municipality-3, an elderly person Rudra Pokhrel, 77 was injured in catapult attack. He sustained leg injuries.

The democratic alliance cadres attacked the voters with stones and beer bottle and attempted to obstruct the polling. They were chased away by the security personnel according to witness Gun Raj Pokhrel.

Meanwhile, police have arrested five cadres of democratic alliance from Kalapani polling centers in Tamakoshi Rural Municipality-3 along with catapult and Khukuri.

Team of Nepal army has disposed a pipe bomb near Kalinchok polling center Charikot and two another bombs at Mahankal Basic School’s polling centers.

Uddhav Prasad Pokhrel