Voters Name List Approved: Commission

  April 2, 2017 By: INSEC

The Election Commission has approved voters name list for the upcoming local level elction scheduled for May 14 according to RSS.

According to the Commission’s spokesperson Surya Prasad Sharma, 1,40,54,482 voters have beem maintained for the election. The commission has given recognition to those person who has registered its name in the election commission and who are 18 years of age  from 2017, February 20.

The total number of male voters are 70,69,714 and female voters are 69,84,625. Similarly, there are 143 third sex voters.

According to the commission, in Morang there are highest number of voters with 5,63,870 and lowest number of voters are in Manang with only 5095 voters. The commission said that the printing of voters list will begin from April 2.

The voters list will be put in the commission’s website and the list will be sent to all districts within April 22.


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