Vote counting process postponed in various places due to dispute

  September 19, 2017 By: INSEC

The vote counting process started in two places of Siraha and one in Rautahat has been postponed on September 19 after the dispute.

According to INSEC district representative Durga Pariyar of Siraha, the vote counting process in Lahan Municipality and Karjanha Municipality has been postponed.

The vote counting process in Lahan municipality is postponed from 1 pm after the ward chairman candidate of Nepali Congress was declared of winning the post with few more votes and representatives of Federal Socialist Forum protested and demanded for recounting.

According to the assistant polling officer Pawan Gupta, the attempt to settle the dispute is on progress and counting will be continued after the settlement of the dispute.

According to the information received from the polling staffs, the total votes casted was 1309 however while counting, 1322 votes were found.

The vote counting process in Balara of Sarlahi was postponed after there was a dispute between Nepali Congress and RJPN.

According to CDO Pradeep Raj Kandel, the vote counting was halted after the dispute between cadres of NC and RJP.

The locals were dispersed and the situation of dispute was controlled by the police. Balara area is very sensitive as it is bordering with India.

According to INSEC district representative Bipin Gautam of Rautahat, there was a clash in polling station in Brindaban Municipality after CPN UML parliamentarian was pelted stones by the cadres of NC and Maoist cadres. The clash started after the UML cadre retaliate the attack.

There was a dispute in polling station after the casted votes were found to be more than the actual cast. Stones were pelted to the parliamentarian Bhattarai after they attempted to settle the dispute.


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