Violence victim woman accuses police of not initiating for justice

  September 15, 2018 By: INSEC

Tulsi Sunar, 23 of Dungeshwor Rural Municipality-4 complained that her case is not heard by the police. She said that she was beat en and was neglected by her 25 years old husband Chakra Bahadur Sunar and complaint against domestic violence was lodged by her at police office however no action is taken at all.

“It’s been three month that I lodged complaint at police but they have even failed to arrange discussion,” she said. She added that ” I thought the accused will be arrested and he will charged under the law, but  police showed apathy”.

On September 14, the victim went directly to put her issue in front of DSP Thakur Prasad Pokhrel however it did not work at all she complained.

As per the newly enforced criminal code, police can arrest the accused by issuing warrant and this has given some kind of relief to the real victim says women activist Dil Kumari Chand.


Amar Sunar