Violation of Election Code of Conduct Rampant

  September 11, 2017 By: INSEC

The violation of code of conduct is getting rampant in the district as the Election Day is approaching. The political parties are organizing assemblies and rally even after 7 pm which was prohibited by the election code of conduct.

Candidates and political parties are using four wheel vehicles and motor bikes without the permission and still using big banners and party’s flags according to CoC monitoring officer Dhruba Binod Pokhrel.

Chief election officer Sharada Prasad Koirala said that the attention of CDO Bhagirath Pandey has been drawn on the incidents of code of conduct violation.

Candidates are using loud speakers during door-to-door services along with use of T-shirts, vests, caps with election symbols.

Candidates are even using temple, school, and memorials to put their flags and banners which is a serious violation of election code of conduct.


Manohar Kumar Pokhrel