Violation of Election Code of Conduct Increases

  June 13, 2017 By: INSEC

As a second phase of local level Election Day is approaching, the violation of code of conduct is increasing in the district .

The active political parties of the district have conducted the activities that are against the election code of conduct. The major political parties Nepali Congress, CPN UML, Maoist Centre, Federal Socialist Forum have violated the code of conduct by putting posters and flags in public places.

Similarly, the parties are doing election campaign by using Cap and T-shirt with election symbol. According to the Election Code of Conduct 2072 4(JHA) no political parties can use public places to paste posters or banners of flags during their election campaign.

Similarly, the FM radio stations are also asking for votes on air against the code of conduct. According to Election Code of Conduct 2072 B.S 14 (CHHA) has restricted the media to do the election campaign.

Chairperson Prem Ojha of National Election Observation Committee (NEOC), Panchthar said that stakeholders and political parties itself must be aware to de-motivate such incident.


Mangal Begha