Violation of code of conduct by vice-prime minister

  September 16, 2017 By: INSEC

The chairperson of Nepal Democratic Forum and vice-prime minister Bijaya Kumar Gachhadar has violated the election code of conduct by addressing the election assembly on the evening of September 15 at Banauli in Khadak Municipality-11. The assembly was participated by minister Jitendra Narayan Dev according to party secretary Bhogendra Chaudhary.

In Rajbiraj,the cadres of Nepali Congress, Federal Socialist Party and Nepal Democratic forum have organized motorcycle rally.

The rally was participated by leaders, cadres in hundreds in number using loud speakers and sound polluting device against code of conduct. The rally was participated by parliamentarian Ranjit Karna.

In Rajbiraj all major political parties have violated the election code of conduct openly. They are even asking for votes after 7 Pm which is prohibited by election code of conduct.


Manohar Kumar Pokhrel