Victim Beaten For Being a Dalit and ‘Responding Back’

  August 9, 2020 By: INSEC

Ram Dular Ram has accused Daluwa Yadav, Jitan Yadav, Jitendra Yadav, Ranjan Kumar Yadav, Shav Kumar Yadav and Chandan Yadav of beating him and Jiten Ram, Dipen Ram, Saroj Ram, Sundar Ram, Ramdular Ram and Ramnandan Ram of Bode Bersain Municipality-10 Amaraiya Tole for being Dalit and responding back to them.

Confirming the incident, Inspector Ram Raja Keshari of the Area Police Office, Kadarbona said that the victims have been asked to lodge a written complaint for checkup and treatment. The injured have been admitted to Unique Hospital on August 7 for treatment.

Informing that the search for the accused is underway on the basis of Ramdular Ram’s verbal complaint, Inspector Keshari said that a team led by the SI has been deployed to search for the accused involved in the incident.

According to Pratham Lal Ram, Saptari District Chairperson of the United Dalit Struggle Committee, the controversy started after the accused snatched the key of Shyam Sundar Ram’s motorcycle on August 6.

According to him, the accused started beating up the truck driver Hari Ram on August 7 after the dispute.

He said that the accused had beaten the Dalit youths who had come to protest after receiving information that Hari Ram had been beaten.

Demanding action against the accused of beating them up for being Dalits, Dalit leader and JSP leader Rajesh Vidrohi said that it was unfortunate that Dalits continue to suffer from ethnic violence which is a crime under the constitution and law.

Manohar Kumar Pokharel