VDC and Municipality Structure Dissolved, 744 Local Levels to be Maintained

  March 10, 2017 By: INSEC

The government determined the number of local level informing about the dissolution of existing structure of the Village Development Committees and municipalities enforcing it from March 10, 2017.

Deputy Prime Minister and Local Development Minister Kamal Thapa at a press conference organized by Ministry of Local Development on March 10 informed that the existing structure of VDCs and Municipalities after the promulgation of new constitution has been dissolved and the structure of 744 local levels is implemented. According to the new structure, there are four metropolitan, 13 sub metropolitan, 246 municipality and 481 village council.

The number of local level as published in gazette transformed and implemented the structure of local bodies into local government.

Earlier, the country had 3 thousand 1 hundred and 57 VDCs and 2 hundred 17 Municipalities. The government has set minimum budget of 1 crore to village council.

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