UNSECO says, One Journalist is Killed in every 4.5 days

  November 3, 2016 By: INSEC

The UNSECO has released a report on November 2 saying that in every 4.5 days journalists are being killed worldwide.

The report says that during the last decade, at least 827 journalists have been killed while they were doing their job.

The data shows that most of the killings are in Syria, Iraq, Libiya including Arab states.

After Arab states, south American journalists are more insecure as per report “Safety of journalists and Danger of immunity” published by UNSECO.

As per the report from  2006 to 2015, in the last two years 59 percentages of the incident occurred in conflict inflicted areas.

In 2015, there was a drastic increment in violence against online journalists.

Comparatively, male journalists are killed 10 times more than the female journalists. In 2014/15 18 female journalists were killed where as in the same year 195 male journalists were killed due to the violence.


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