Unknown to Rights and Violence, Rural Women Compelled to Tolerate

  December 3, 2019 By: INSEC

Women residing in rural Baitadi; unaware of their rights, are facing domestic violence. Women here claim of being unfamiliar to their rights and are also unknown to the legal actions they can take against such violence.

Dashrath Municipality-4 Bhuleuda’s Radha Bhul is 50 years now. She along with her daughter-in-law Haruli is involved in pebble crunching for their family’s livelihood. Radha said, ‘The sum earned by selling those pebbles is also given to her son for alcoholism. Our hard work supports his drinking after which we are also beaten by him.’

She added, ‘If the money isn’t given, we are beaten regularly. There is no peace in the family. It’s men’s character that’s why we tolerate it. Hence, we are left with no choice, that’s women’s fate.’

Bhuleuda village has 110 households. Almost every woman here faces similar situations like Radha does. They accept it as a result of their bad Karma. ‘The day we were born as daughters our sorrows initiated’- Haruli Bhul also added in her native tone, ‘Here, to remain happy, we need to take birth as males not females.’ She said being a female they have no option against male domination.

In this way women are compelled to undergo regular torture. Women of Bhuleuda village, Radha and Haruli, are the representation of far western women’s daily sorrows. When they reach District Police Office with a complaint of domestic violence, they have no options of resolving it, grieved Harina Bhul. She said, ‘If we give an application to the police office, the society will reproach us for going against our husband.’ Here, husbands should be kept with wives while informing about rights and violence, said the women of the village. ‘We have heard about Women Rights but we are unaware of the benefits we get after we fight for our rights’, said Nanda Bhul, a local.

She adds, ‘Being beaten up by husband is normal for us now.’ Dashrath Municipality-4’s Ward Chairperson Mohan Chand blamed alcoholism for the females’ sufferings. He also mentioned about making plans for controlling alcoholism. Mayor of Dashrath Municipality Narendra Thapa also shared about thecomplains of alcoholism women came with and talked about the discussions they are having for solving the issue.

Nari Badu