Unity between Priests is a base For Social Harmony: Priest

  July 11, 2016 By: INSEC

The priests of Nepalgunj have said that the unity between them is the base for the social harmony.

The main priest, Chandra Nath Yogi, of Bageshwori temple has expressed his views regarding the program on recent activities on social harmony organised in Nepalgunj on July 10 by INSEC regional office.

Mahanta Chandranath said  “ We all priests in Nepalgunj live as a family. We help each other in need”.

Muslim priest Maulana Abdul Jabbar initiated to bring out the truth on propaganda of Muslim community vandalising idol of Shiva from Shiva Temple at Triveni Mod of Nepaljung.

He further said, “sometimes priest are doing  job which are not done by police administration”. In the program, speakers from various religious background had given their views.

Rights activist Shovakar Budathoki stressed on importance on unity and coordination between priests.


INSEC mid-western regional office, Nepalgunj