Torture Inflicted to the children on charge of setting fire in the jungle

  March 20, 2017 By: INSEC

The armed police of Aaptari border security force at Bharatpur Metropolis-11 has tortured 14 years old Pushkar Tamang, 17 years old Amit Thapa Magar, 17 years old Danu Hamal and 17 years old Bimal BK after taking them into control on charge of setting fire in the jungle.

The victim boy Pushkar Tamang complained that they were beaten and tortured by the police on charge of setting fire in the jungle at Bharatpur Metropolis-11, Ganeshsthan.

However, SP Shyam Koirala denied of inflicting torture to the children. There were total of 10 arrestees in the incident however rest of them have been released according to the police. Chief Kedar Paudel of Forest Office said that investigation on these four children is going on for setting fire in the jungle. Police have been denying their involvement in beatings however the locals are complaining that they have been tortured.

The incident was made public by the victim’s party to journalists and Human Rights activists on March 20.


Deependra Adhikari