Thirty Two Polling stations marked as very sensitive

  June 4, 2017 By: INSEC


The District security committee of Ilam has categorized the polling stations of the district based on security sensitiveness for the scheduled local level election on June 28.

The committee has categorized 23 polling stations of the district as too sensitive based on geographical location and boundaries. Similarly, 23 polling stations were marked as sensitive and remaining were tagged as normal according to DSP Mahendra Kumar Shrestha of DPO. According to DSP Shrestha, the security on these areas has been tightened as the election date is approaching.

For the security of Election Day, 843 temporary police, 350 mobile police and extra 450 security personnel will be deployed in the district according to Shrestha.

DSP Shrestha said that the security has been tightened in the district and control on alcohol consumption has been initiated in the district along with the political activities.


Kokila Dhakal