Saturday , 19th January 2019

Saturday , 19th January 2019

Study affected due to the delay in reconstruction of school

May 16, 2018 By INSEC

The study of the students in Okhaldhunga has been affected due to the delay in process of reconstructing school building damaged by the devastating earthquake in 2015.

Majority of schools are operating under the tent or temporary make-shifts. Parents and teachers complained that the temporary make-shifts are not reliable and it is risky.

Students have to face various weather condition during winter and rainy seasons affecting the physiology of the students.

In Okhaldhunga, 276 schools were totally damaged and 494 schools sustained partial damage during the earthquake and majority of schools are still waiting for reconstruction. The education development and coordination unit of the district said that due to the lack of effective coordination and monitoring, there is a delay in reconstructing school building.


Shiva Prasad Dhungana