Studies affected by the strike of” Biplov” Strike

  August 14, 2018 By: INSEC

The education institution in Saptari were affected due to the strike called on by the Nepal Communist Party led by Biplov on August 14. Majority of private and community schools and campuses were closed and more than 1, 35, 000 students were affected by the strike according to District Education Development Coordination Unit.

Due to the strike, 33 higher secondary schools, 44 secondary schools, 99 lower secondary schools and 236 primary schools were closed. Similarly, 81 primary, 25 lower secondary, 35 secondary and 12 higher secondary under institutionalized schools were affected by the strike.

The transportation especially a long routed were affected by the strike however, shops and shopping centers were operating as usual. DSP Bhabesh Rimal of District Police Office of Saptari said that the security situation of the district however remains normal. Nepal Communist Party led by Biplov has called on Nepal Bandh demanding the release of their arrested leader.


Manohar Kumar Pokhrel